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Sensei Frank Brennan instructing during a pre-grading lesson
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If you think you would like to grade at the next grading and want to know whether you are eligible please speak to Sensei Jim Brennan.

Remember that to be able to grade, you need to have attended a minimum number of lessons since the last club grading was held.

All members are requested to attend this special lesson, (which starts promptly at 6pm ) with Sensei Brennan, even if not grading.

Also could all members whether grading or not ensure that their licence is up to date at all times

Gradings are once every 3 months, at West Kirby Concourse. Students are graded by Sensei Frank Brennan or Sensei Jim Brennan (For a profile of Sensei Frank Brennan go to Links and the KUGB website).

Between each Grading kyu grades must train for a minimum of 24 lessons, (twice a week) beginners 16 lessons and must be at the standard required to take the grading for the next belt. The grading process usually lasts around one hour with results given directly after the grading has finished.

If someone falls below the required standard for their next belt they will either receive a temporary belt or a full failure which will mean they will have to wait a further 3 months before retaking that grade. Temporary belts allow the student to wear the belt of that grade but it means that they have only just reached a standard acceptable for that grade and will have to work very hard to achieve their next grade.

Dan Gradings

The Dan Gradings are external and are taken by two of the senior instructors from the KUGB. For someone to take their black belt they require permission from their instructor and will only be allowed to grade if they are at the standard required. The Gradings are held in many places around Britain, however, the closest one to us is in Deeside, or North Wales.

The successful candidates November 2013
An interesting photograph for club members, some of these are now brown belts and black belts.